Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 2011 Loveless family update

This month was my little boy, Kody's, 15th birthday! I can't believe he is already that old. For his birthday, we wanted to go up to the canyon, but the weather made us do something small at home.

Kody and DJ are both doing really good in school. They mostly have all A's and B's, and that is how it has been for the whole year. I am very proud of them.

Rocky is coming back home around May 15th! He came home for a few days at the end of March. I was so glad to see him. I love him and miss him sooooo much. He truly is my true love. He does drive me nuts sometimes, but he ends up making me laugh too. He love the boys and me sooo much. I could not have asked for a better husband and a father to my children. I love that we have a active priesthood leader in our home too.

I REALLY want to stay in Utah. I LOVE Utah. This is where my family is. Rocky LOVES Kentucky, and Kentucky is where his family is. I talked my hubby into staying in Utah, and that was the plan. But it looks like God has other plans for us. Rocky wins! He was starting to register for classes at Utah Valley University (UVU), and his advisors at UVU kindly let him know, that once he gets accepted into the Education program, it will be 2 more years until he graduates. So it would be 2 PLUS more years! IF he stays at Morehead in Kentucky, then it will take him one semester of classes left, then student teaching. This time next year, he would be done with school.

Since, I quite my job a few weeks ago, and I plan on being a stay at home mom with our boys and new twins, I think it is best to follow Rocky. He has no job here in Utah, but has a job in Kentucky. I need to be a good wife and support my hubby. But I am really sad and depressed about moving. Especially cause I HATE moving! And we just moved to Payson, for a bigger place. But we moved to Payson, thinking we were staying in Utah. I fought for it, but Kentucky wins.

The good thing is we will be only be 2 hours away from Rocky's family, and I will be able to grow a better relationship with them. I wish they were closer to Morehead, cause I am worried about having two newborn infants. But I know they will come down and help if I need them.

Some pictures for this month:

Kody's birthday party... April 9, 2011

More kids at Kody's party!

This is Amy. Amy is Kody's and DJ's Biological mom. They are growing a good relationship again with her. I am glad she is in their lives again. The more people that love them, the better. The boys, also have a relationship with their biological father, Wamni. He is in Oklahoma. The boys get to go down and visit him every once in a while. I really like that with Wamni, they get to learn about their Native American side.

This is Grandma Kitt. She is the boys biological grandmother.

Kody and Nana. Nana is my momma!

Nana with some of her grand-babies. Kody and DJ's Cousins. Starting on the left, we have Katie (Sarah's daughter), Caleb (Rachael's son), Nana (my momma), Kyle (Sarah's son).

More Cousins- Katie (Sarah's daughter), Kindra (Rachael's step-daughter), and my baby Ayslee (Rachael's daughter).

Lyla- this is the boys Biological sister.

Rosco!!!!! We LOVE Rosco!

I swear Cheriah was watching TV. I don't know if she understood it or not. But once the commercials came on, she stopped watching. Weird!

Kody watching General Conference

DJ watching General Conference

Rachael begged and begged to draw on my belly. Finally, I agreed to let her. And it turned out pretty cute. I am 26 weeks pregnant.

April 19, 2011. 26 weeks along. The babies are very healthy. No problems, unless me being paranoid is a problem. I am just protective of my babies. They are both normal size babies for their age. They kick and punch me ALL the time! It feels weird when they both kick at the same time on opposite sides of my tummy. We are getting closer and closer for getting ready for them. We bought a van to fit the whole family, and in that van, the car seats are in and buckled up ready for Lilly and Logan. The double stroller is ready in the back, and I have a diaper bag that still needs some stuff for it, but it is ready in the car. Yes, friends and family think I am weird. But I am just really excited for my babies!

I just wonder how much bigger I am going to get? Strangers are already tell me that I look like I am getting ready to pop! LOL. I tell them "Nope, just twins." I am going to take one more set of college classes for the summer block. So hopefully, I will be able to make it, and no bed rest. Wish me luck!

This is the Ultrasound video from April 4th. The babies are 23.5 weeks old. I will get my next Ultrasound on May 6th. YAY!!!!! And by then I will be 28 weeks, starting my third trimester.

Baby A is Lilly; Baby B is Logan.

Monday, April 4, 2011

My alien babies 23.5 weeks April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011
Here are some new pictures of my babies. These aliens are starting to kick and punch all the time. I love it! I love being pregnant! I love my Logan and Lilly!
Both babies are 1 lbs 8 oz each. They are 23.5 weeks old today.

I think this is Lilly's face. It is straight on. But I find this picture hard to see

This is Logan's face. It is a straight on picture of his face. If you look really carefully, you will see, but it is still hard to figure out

This is my little Lilly's face from a side view. Isn't she CUTE!!!!

Again, this is Lilly's face from a side view. Precious!

They say Logan is diffidently a boy!

Logan's profile. He is soooo cute!

Lilly's face straight on. Sooo cute! A little alienish, but cute!