Sunday, September 25, 2011

Relief Society Retreat

On September 23, 2011 Lilly, Logan and I went with the Relief Society to the Hughes Cabin for an overnight retreat. We had sooo much fun! The Hughes cabin is in Schofield, UT. We had dinner, then we all gathered around and talked about our favorite conference talks from Aprils conference or bare our testimonies. Afterwards, we got weird and played games, which we got to know each other a lot better. During this time, Sandi Hughes offered to cut or highlight any women's hair there. Sh,e was so nice to put highlights in my hair and cut it really cute! Everybody helped me with the babies, which was a nice little break for me. At night, Logan did not want to sleep. His eyes were wide open the whole time, soaking everything in. I attempted to go to bed around 2 am. But that is when Logan fell asleep and Lilly woke up. It was a long night for me. Lilly wanted to be home, poor baby! Rachel Miramontes helped me though the night.

The next morning, Virginia Sion came in around 7 am. Took both babies, and let me sleep until 10 am. The babies got passed around by different women in my ward so I could sleep, which was very much needed. Right before we took off to go back home, I got to play on the zip line. I went done it twice. The second time, it threw me off, it hurt, but I managed to be alright. I am just worried about Haylee Whiteley. She got thrown off of it too, and she might be hurt pretty bad.

Anyways, thanks to all those that helped with the babies. And thanks for the good time!
Shellie Vanfleet holding Logan

Ranae Mangleson holding Logan

Playing Games

Sandi Hughes doing hair

Eating Dinner

Amber, the babies and I.

Conference Talks

Now we need to get ready to listen to our prophets and apostles words again this next weekend. Can't wait!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 2011 Nebo Title VII Indian Education

September 18, 2011 we went camping with Title VII Indian Education up Hobble Creek Canyon at Jermiah Johnson Cub Scout Camp. We had tons of fun! One of the first things Kody did was go to the pond and jump off the rope swing. They also found a train cart with bow and arrows that they started playing with. Eileen Quintana is the director over Nebo Title VII, she brought cradle baskets for Lilly and Logan to help them be warm and feel safe and secure. The first night we had a yummy pot luck dinner. And the kids ran around being kids. At night time Rocky kept sneaking up on the kids and scaring them. It was just a lot of fun! Rocky, Lilly and Logan and I, all slept in the van to keep the babies warmer, and Kody slept in a tent by himself. Kody really did not want to leave the next morning, but we had church, so we made him leave.

Logan LOVED his cradle basket! This type of Cradle Basket is Navajo. It can be used for a baby girl or boy.

Lilly is such a snuggle bug!

Lilly in her cradle basket. This type of cradle basket is Ute. This kind of cradle basket is for a girl. Because of the shape of the female part. :-)

Mommy holding my babies!!!!

Daddy and Kody.

Title VII members

Playing with the bow and arrows

Eileen Quintana with her daughter, Rosebud.

Shakotah and Raven Billie

Fregoso kids and Cameron Sanchez

Monty and Natalie Billie

Can you see the baby deer that was next to our camp?

POW WOW.........
Sept 21 we went to a Dream Catcher Pow Wow. They flew in LaMarque Ward. He is a Pro Basketball player. He was a motivational speaker to encourage our kids to follow their dreams! He brought 2 friends with him to speak with the kids too. Then they gave out books to kids in 6th grade and older, and he signed the books for them! LaMarque asked Eileen if they would put on a Pow Wow for him, and she agreed. So the kids got the dance for him. The Nebo Title VII put Kody as one of the people in charge of the Pow Wow. He helped Son Sanchez get people on and off the stage and whatever else they made him do.

Thank you for Nana, Sarah, Kyle, Braden, Katie, Rachael, Caleb, Chase, Ayslee, Grandma Kitt, Amy and Lyla for coming and supporting Kody!!!!

I am really proud of Kody. Kody is such a great kid! We also went to a Parent/ Teacher conference at his school before the Pow Wow. All his teachers only said positive things about him. They talk about what a hard worker and how hard he tries in school. I am so proud of him!


Lilly and Logan on Sept 21, 2011. They are such fun CUTE babies!!!
Daddy teasing Logan! Mean daddy!!!!

Sweet Lilly Bean

A very happy baby!

At this time, we are missing DJ terribly! DJ is a GREAT kid, but made some bad choices. So for the next year he is in a group home. Once he starts moving up in levels in the group home, he will get to visit home. But he will just have to do lots of therapy right now. We hope that DJ will get over all this and put this behind him. He can use this as a stepping stone for the future! The therapy will most likely last over a year, but he has lots of support from home, and we are all pulling for him! We LOVE DJ! So please pray for him!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1st Camping Trip

September 10th our family went on our first camping trip with Lilly and Logan. Kody, Sean and Rocky have been camping almost every weekend this last month, and we are going again this next weekend. They finally talked me into taking the babies with them camping. The babies did very well. Kody and Sean slept in the tent. Rocky put down the seats in our van and Rocky and I slept in the back of the van. The babies slept in their car seats. They actually did very well on the camping trip. Logan pretty much slept the whole time. Lilly liked the fresh air and hanging out with Kody.

Daddy feeding Logan.

Kody eating Lilly's hand. Lilly thought it was funny. She just smiled and starred at Kody.

Logan, Lilly, Kody and Sean.

Rocky making us breakfast

Mommy and Lilly

Baby Blessing

On Aug 28th, Logan and Lilly had their baby blessing. Well, Lilly had her name and blessing on July 19th in the hospital because we were unsure if she would live, and we wanted to make sure her name was in the records of the church. But Logan still did not have his name and blessing, and we had a beautiful dress ready for Lilly. So Rocky was able to give Lilly a blessing, and Logan a name and a blessing. Rocky did such a beautiful job!
We had a lot of friends and family show up for their blessing. We are really a blessed family with so many loved ones around us! After the blessing we had a small lunch at my mom's park. It was a lot of fun, and thank you for all of those that showed up!

Lilly in her blessing dress

Logan in his blessing outfit

Right after the blessing at the church

Almost our whole family. DJ was unable to make it.

Kody is SUCH A GREAT BIG BROTHER!!! Lilly and Logan LOVES him!

Nana with the twins

This is some of the people that came to the blessing, I know of a few other people that were not in the picture.

The doctors that saved Lilly's life both came to the blessing. Dr. Knochel was actually in the circle to bless them. Dr. Burnett on the left holding Lilly, is my OBGYN. Dr. Knochel holding Lilly is the one that did 17 minutes of CPR.