Saturday, September 1, 2012


I found this on Facebook, and loved it, cause this my my hubby and Lilly's relationship.  It is a special relationship.  He is such a great father to Lilly! I am so thankful for him!


Before I was even a twinkle in your eye,
God picked you to be my Daddy.
He fashioned my body with a reason and a purpose
and He knew I needed you to help me through this life.

He knew I'd need your strong arms to carry me when I couldn't walk.
He knew I'd need your fun laugh to cheer me when I was sad.
He knew you'd sit with me for hours and cuddle when I felt sick.
He knew your adventurous spirit would make my life so fun and normal.
He knew I would thrive as you shared with me your love of the outdoors.
He knew Mommy needed a strong shoulder to cry on to support her through
tough times.

I do know that Daddies get frustrated sometimes......
because they want to 'fix' things and make the bad times 'go away'---
That's just the way God made Daddies!
I know you would do anything to make my struggles disappear.
I also know that you will always be my biggest fan!
You'll always be my hero!

We're a good team, you and me.
I'm teaching you about God and His eternal perspective.
You're teaching me to enjoy this beautiful life and our journey here on
We've both learned to be thankful for the little things in life.
You and Mommy don't take any of my accomplishments and milestones for
I revel in the pride that shines from your adoring eyes.
I know that I can try anything if I set my mind to it--
As long as you are behind me to cheer me on and catch me when I fall.

I see glimpses of my Heavenly Father in your eyes......
the love, the pride, the pain and the unconditional acceptance.
I am whole and perfect in your eyes.
I am beautiful and charming in your eyes.
You don't care that I may not be just like all the other little girls......
That's why you love me so much!

One thing is for sure.....
I have you wrapped around my little finger and I won't ever let you go.
Thank you for loving me for who I am and for guiding me towards Heaven......
where someday I will run and jump and maybe even fly!!
I can't wait for the day when I am holding your hand and God's hand
and we are walking together into the sunrise of forever.......

bY: Cheryl Veenstra

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