Saturday, May 28, 2011

End of school and another 5k

Well, it is the end of the school year for the boys! Kody just finished up his freshman year of high school. He did so with A's and B's! He almost has a B average GPA this year! I am proud of him! And DJ is now considered a freshman! Both of my boys are in high school now! Can't believe it. Anyways, DJ finished the year with a B+ GPA! What can I say, I have smart kids!

9th grade school assembly. The principal came out with sirens going off, and with a blow horn called out a few kids names out. Kody's name was one of them. Kody had to come to the front with his hands up.
Kody is in trouble!
Kody got his certificate. He improved a lot from last year, so they wanted to recognize him in front of the school.

Good job Kody!

Today, May 28, 2011, Rocky, Kody and DJ ran a 5k! This time, DJ beat Kody!
DJ's time was 22:25.5 (7:12 Min Mile). Overall he came in 12th, but 2nd place in our ward. They did not divide it by ages.
Kody time was 24:04.5 (7:44 min mile). Overall he came in 15th, but 3rd place in our ward.
Rocky did not race, he just wanted to support our ward and take a nice jog. His time was 34:52.5.
I am proud of all three of them. I did not even attempt to run or walk! Walking around carrying two babies in my stomach is enough exercise for me. I passed out the cards with everyones time.
Getting ready to run. My handsome boys and man!

Rocky and DJ are strange!

DJ just got done running!
Kody gave it his all! He looks exhausted!

Nice jog honey. Now go run another mile!

Yesterday was my 29th birthday! No pictures, sorry. Just went on a date with Rocky, and then went to my moms for hamburgers, cake and ice cream. Kody and DJ have been helping out my mom (Nana) a lot with her garage. They are such good kids! They helped her a lot yesterday while Rocky and I went on a date.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Diamond Fork Jr High 5K Run- May 23, 2011

Today Kody and DJ and their good friend Sean ran in a 5k for their school. They did pretty good! I am really proud of them.
Kody's time for the 5K: 24:22
DJ's time for the 5K: 25:06
Sean's time for the 5K: 26:49

DJ getting ready for the race!

Ya, they think they are cool.

Ready Boys?

Group of Junior High kids ready to run

Kody about to pass the finish line

DJ about to pass the finish line

Kody has the look of accomplishment on his face. Rocky is a proud father!

DJ looks wore out, he gave it his all. Rocky is proud!

Sean about to cross the finish line

Sean after the the race. It looks like he can run another mile or two!

Kody trying to catch his breath at the end

Kody, DJ and Sean: Good Job Boys!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last Baby Shower May 21, 2011

This is my 30 weeks profile picture. Taken May 22, 2o11

My friend, Hilary Roberts, threw me my third and last baby shower. I am so grateful to have so many great friend and family. Thank you to everyone that has helped us get ready for these precious babies that will be coming into our lives!

Please enjoy the pictures!

Hilary Roberts and I. Hilary is almost 36 weeks pregnant with a little girl named Melissa

Jessica Armitage, Mindi Tuckett and I
Becca Gunyan, Valerie Evans, Hilary Roberts and I

Rocky kissing my belly at 30.5 weeks

And of course, Rocky biting my belly

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Homemade Tipi- May 20, 2011

We are really excited and happy that Rocky is back from Kentucky! Life runs a lot smoother with him here. He is back for good this time! I love my husband so much. He is such a great husband and father! This weekend is the first weekend he has been back, and yesterday (Friday, May 20, 2011), I thought they went outside to play football. So I started watching a movie. A few hours later, it was pretty dark outside, DJ comes running in, and says I have to come outside and see what they made. I go outside, and they made a huge Tipi made of long boards and a cut down pine tree. They slept in it last night. You have to check out the pictures! It is pretty cool!

This horse LOVES me!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Baby Shower May 7 and Mothers Day

I am grateful to be a mother! The boys woke up extra early (which is hard for my boys, who LOVE to sleep in) and picked some flowers in the orchard for me for Mother's Day today! Then they made me pancakes, bowl of fruit and a glass of milk. I am lucky to be a mother to 2 great sons, Kody and DJ!

Yesterday, May 7, 2011, my two sisters, Rachael and Sarah, my momma, and friend Hillary Vigil threw me a baby shower. It was such a beautiful day. I got some really cute stuff! They really made it nice for me and put some hard work into it! Thank you!!!!

My friend, Alissa Dambroski (Ali) and I.

My mommy with Brittany Hernandez and her son, Christain.

Left to Right: Aaliyah, Sarah Stevens (my sister), Katie (my niece), Me, Agatha Gibbons, and Hillary Vigil

Rachael made this Giraffe cake for me. She worked hard on it and it turned out soooo cute! Thanks Rachy!

My momma bought this blessing outfits for Lilly and Logan.... TOO CUTE!!!

Kindra, Katie, Ayslee and Aaliyah

My friends, BreAn Avarell and Krista Openshaw

My nephew, Braden

Rocky is going to love this bib!

Grandma Simons, Mommy, Cheryl Bago, Irianna (Hillary's baby) and Kami Hanohano

This is my friend Tallie Killpack. I have been friends with her since I was 6 years old. She is a great friend to me!

My nephews: Chase, Caleb, and Kyle.. Katie (my niece in the back)

My aunt, Lisa Davidson, my cousin, Lauren Davidson, and Rachy hiding her face

My great aunt Martha Hammond

Hillary Vigil

Katie (my niece), Sarah Stevens (my sister) and ME!

Angie Simons (my step-aunt), Brody (the baby), and Spence Pierce (my step-cousin)