Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am in some serious shock! We are no longer having A baby, we are having TWINS!!!! I just got back from my ultrasound, and we just found out. Rocky is a twin, and kept talking about having twins. My sister, mom and Rocky's mom all thought I could be having twins too. I had the feeling, but I am just grateful that I am pregnant. Anyways, once the doctor said that we were having twins, Rocky jumps up from his seat and screams "YES!" Like he won something. It was funny. Then he started calling people right away. A lot of people did not believe him, they had to talk to me to confirm it! LOL.

Tomorrow we are on our way to KY. We are dropping the boys off in OK, to spend Christmas with their biological father. I will miss them, but they are really excited to go, and Wamni and Darcelle are really excited to get them for the holidays.

Also, today was my last day of the semester. I took a final today and got a 93%, which is great cause I did not study for it at all. In all 5 classes I got A's. YAY I have straight A's! All my classes are upper level classes too. I know I am bragging, but I have never received straight A's before.

So to sum it up, today is a GREAT DAY! I am so Thankful for my Heavenly Father for blessing us with this!

Love you all!


  1. Congrats!!!! I am so excited for you guys - what a blessing!

  2. I love days when everything seems to go better than expected! So glad you're having twins and I can't wait to find out what you're having!

  3. I'm so excited for you Miss Emily! I love ya!

  4. Wow that's so cool! Congrats Emily!

  5. Congratulations girl!.
    You sure deserve those two little angels!!!