Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kody and DJ Hoop Dancing

June 3rd and 4th 2011, the boys, Rocky and I were involved in the Wild West Days in Spanish Fork. The boys did some Hoop Dancing! The boys are doing soooo well. W were also selling "Indian Taco's" to raise money for graduating seniors that in involved in Nebo School District Title VII Indian Education, for scholarships. Then they are using the money for Summer School and activities for the kids involved in the Indian Education.

Kody and DJ did sooo well at dancing. I am so proud of them! And each time they danced, they get better. Kody and DJ are becoming good performers! They really only had scheduled 2 performances a day, but they danced throughout the day, with small groups watching them. Their trainers told me that they are naturals at it, and a few other people in the Title VII program told me that too. They can see them perform at the World Champion level someday if they keep it up. Their trainers want them to go to BYU to keep teaching them for free, and Title VII wants to keep training them too. They are also going to learn to “Fancy Dance” and “Grass Dance” soon.

The current World Champion at Hoop Dancing with Kody and DJ. He gave Kody tips the night before, and then told him he would come on June 4th to watch them dance. When the boys danced he started putting money on the stage, and a bunch of other people followed by giving them money. The boys really thought it was neat.
Kody Hoop Dancing making the world

DJ making the world too.

At the food stand making fry bread for the "Indian Taco's"

Handsome boys!

This one was on June 3rd in the "Indian Village." Really fun to watch them dance!


  1. I too am really impressed with how quickly they are learning! I think it's great that they are embracing this part of their culture and that they have had so many opportunities this weekend to perform. Great job Kody and DJ!!

  2. They look so amazing! I love watching hoop dancers. Way to go!

  3. great Job boys... I enjoyed watching your guys... what a nice way to keep your great culture alive ... God bless