Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Blessing

On Aug 28th, Logan and Lilly had their baby blessing. Well, Lilly had her name and blessing on July 19th in the hospital because we were unsure if she would live, and we wanted to make sure her name was in the records of the church. But Logan still did not have his name and blessing, and we had a beautiful dress ready for Lilly. So Rocky was able to give Lilly a blessing, and Logan a name and a blessing. Rocky did such a beautiful job!
We had a lot of friends and family show up for their blessing. We are really a blessed family with so many loved ones around us! After the blessing we had a small lunch at my mom's park. It was a lot of fun, and thank you for all of those that showed up!

Lilly in her blessing dress

Logan in his blessing outfit

Right after the blessing at the church

Almost our whole family. DJ was unable to make it.

Kody is SUCH A GREAT BIG BROTHER!!! Lilly and Logan LOVES him!

Nana with the twins

This is some of the people that came to the blessing, I know of a few other people that were not in the picture.

The doctors that saved Lilly's life both came to the blessing. Dr. Knochel was actually in the circle to bless them. Dr. Burnett on the left holding Lilly, is my OBGYN. Dr. Knochel holding Lilly is the one that did 17 minutes of CPR.

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