Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 2010

My husband, Rocky, and I decided that every Friday we are going to look at the boys grades. If they are having good behavior in school and good grades at school then we are going to Trafelga or something like that, for the weekend. We got a pass called "The Pass of All Passes." Which is unlimited Trafelga, unlimited Seven Peaks during the summer, unlimited Utah Flash Basketball games, and unlimited Owls Baseball games for one year. So this year we are planning on having tons of fun!

On Sept 4, 2010, Kody made the grades and behavior requirements. Kody and I went to the Lehi Trafelga and had tons of fun. We played miniature golf, bumper boats, laser tag, various small roller coaster, rock climbing and etc. We had tons of fun.

Then on Sept 6, 2010, it was Labor Day, we went back to Lehi Trafelga, but this time as a whole family. We only played mini golf this time, cause it was extremely busy! I hope I get to take my kids every week!

Right now, Rocky and I are going to school too. My philosophy is to work hard and then play hard. I am getting my BA degree in Deaf Studies in Education. Rocky is getting his degree in Physical Education. I guess we are both going to be teachers! After I get my BA, I am going to continue on to get my Masters in Special Education. By doing so, I will be able to teach Deaf Children. With my BA, I will be able to teach hearing kids ASL in a High School.

Little to say with all this schooling and both Rocky and I have part time jobs, we are extremely busy! Rocky currently is a server at Wingers. I am a Sign Language Aide for a deaf child in school. I could have worked full time, but I think it would be just that much harder, being a student, worker, mother and wife! Plus, hold a calling in Church. At church I currently teach once a month in Relief Society.

Anyways, that is enough for now! :)

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