Friday, October 15, 2010


The boys school had a theme one day "Dress like a Nerd" Kody and DJ dressed up as nerds, but I found them to be very handsome! LOL. I have the two best looking boys ever!

Anyways,I am a little stressed out. Rocky is trying to talk me into moving to KY this next summer. I think it may happen. But I HATE moving! It just really stresses me out. We have been talking though, and Eastern Kentucky University has a better BA degree program in the area that I really want to focus in. I want to be a teacher for Deaf children. Also, on Oct 20th we are going to workshop at the Sorensen Center for the Deaf in Taylorville, Utah. We are going to learn what we need to do to adopt a deaf baby. I would LOVE to adopt another child!
Of course I would love to have a baby of our own, but I do not know if that will ever happen. This is my third miserable month on Clomid. The drug is supposed to help me get pregnant, but it is not working. And it makes me have awful mood swings. We have gone to the doctor, and nothing is wrong with Rocky or me. The doctor calls it "unexplained infertility." Which I think stinks, because there is no reason for us not to get pregnant, it just does not work for us.
Anyways, matter if we have a baby of our own or not, we would still love to adopt a deaf child. In order to do that, we need a bigger place. It is expensive to buy a house out here, it is a lot cheaper in KY. We are renting a 2 bedroom apartment right now, and so we would never pass a home study to adopt a child. We need a bigger place!
I am trying to talk my sister, Rachael,into moving to KY with us. I really do not want to go by myself. I love my nieces and nephews too much. Hopefully after I get Rachael, my other sister, Sarah, will follow! I love my family. But Rocky hates being away from his. I hate being away from mine!
I will keep you updated on what we decide to do, and what happens. I just HATE moving. I feel like we move too much! Wait, we do move to much! That is why I would buy a house, to prevent Rocky from trying to talk me into moving again! LOL.