Saturday, October 9, 2010


This weekend our family joined our church ward in playing Softball against different wards in our stake. We had a lot of fun. Thursday and Friday, I played on the womens team. This was the first time I have played on a team for any sport since my spinal cord injury. I was thought I would have some limitations, but I was just fine. Well, I guess after playing catcher for one inning, I asked not too, but I hate squatting. My legs already feel heavy enough, getting up and down like that is not easy. But other than that, I was fine and it was a lot of fun!

Today about 9 am, the youth played a co-ed game. Kody and DJ played. I felt bad, I did not watch the game, because I volunteered to babysit new born triplets from 3am-6am. So I was sleeping during the boys games. They did play 3 games, and I heard they did pretty good.

Then at 11:30am, we played an adult co-ed game. We played 3 games. Won one games and lost 2, but regardless had a lot of fun! I even caught a ball that got someone out. YAY! ...LOL. I was just happy, I could play. Rocky played on 1st base the whole time, and did a great job. The last game, Kody and DJ were able to go up and keep score. They had a blast. They pretended they were sports announcers while keeping score. LOL.