Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Loveless Christmas 2011

Here at the Loveless home, we had a good Christmas! I hope everyone else had a great Christmas too! I am so grateful for our Lord, Jesus Christ, and Our Father in Heaven!!!! I am so grateful for my church, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." I know it is true and it is my rock. I am grateful that our Father in Heaven put His only begotten son on this earth to be born for us, to live his perfect life, then to die for us. But it does not end there, He lived for us again, so we all may return to our Father in Heaven. I love my brother, Jesus Christ, and I am thankful for his sacrifice. I am proud to call myself a Mormon, I am grateful to Joseph Smith for restoring Christ's church!

To start off, on Dec 23rd, Rachael and her kids, Rocky and our family, met my dad and his wife, Tricia, at a pizza restaurant to exchange gifts and to hang out. It was a lot of fun, and I am thankful for that time I got to spend it with them!

On Christmas Eve, we went to my momma's house. Rocky made both the ham and turkey, and we brought it over. It was Sarah's and her kids (Kyle,11, Braden,9, and Katie,6), then Rachael and her kids (Caleb,10, Chase,8, and Ayslee,2), and Rocky, me, Kody,15, Lilly and Logan,5 months. We opened gifts. And may I say, I am very pleased with the gifts I got Rachael and Sarah! When we were teenagers, I bought Sarah a Barbie from the Dollar Store. The next day, Sarah embarrassed my mom and Paul with the Barbie meeting our new Bishop. So most years, I buy Sarah a Barbie from the Dollar Store. Well, the Dollar Store was out of the Barbies, so I got both of my sisters Barbie nail polish this year. Sarah LOVED the Barbie nail polish, but Rachael said it was not the same. Oh well, it was worth a try! They don't know, but the other idea was a recorder, and yes, we would have all played the recorder and have my mom yell at us! My mom hates it when us three girls get together! But we LOVE each other!

Anyway, after all the kids got their gifts from Nana, my mom, we ate dinner and talked. Then Sarah wanted to take a nap, so everyone else drove to my step dad, Paul's, grave. We lit a candle for him, to let him know that we all still love him very much and think about him. After we lit the candle, we sang "O Holy Night" for Paul, because it was his favorite Christmas song when he was alive. When we all packed back into the cars, I turned on the radio, and "Oh Holy Night" was playing on the radio. Weird!

We drove to Rachael's house, and we put in the "Nativity Movie." By the end of the movie, most of the kids were sleeping on the floor or couch. I made Rocky pick all Sarah's kids up off the floor and carry them out to the car, because they were all sleeping over at my mom's house and doing Christmas morning presents at my mom's. I dropped off my mom and a few kiddo's, but first drove past Paul's grave to make sure the candle was still going for him.

On Christmas morning, Santa came and dropped by a few presents and some stockings. He even dropped off Jeriah's (DJ) stocking, so we could bring it up to him.

Kody and Logan getting ready to open presents!

Lilly was not sure if she was ready to wake up

Rocky and me

This year has been really tough on us, because everything that has happened with Lilly's health and Jeriah being in a group home, Rocky going to school full time, and work full time, and I quitting my job, to be a full time mom to my kiddo's. I am so grateful for some people in my ward (church) that saw this, and helped us out. We were going to have a small Christmas, and we were fine with that. But anonymous friends from church helped us out for Christmas and it was a big Christmas for all of us. So thank you for all who helped out, even if we do not know who you are. But maybe you are reading this! THANK YOU!!! Also we had some friends that gave us some awesome gifts too! Like my friend, Virginia Burnett, that got the babies "You Can Read" movies and flash cards, and gifts for Rocky, Kody, Jeriah, and I. I have some really great friends! The Lord really watches out for us!

After we opened all our gifts, we went back to my mom's house, and she made us all French Toast. It was yummy! We all got ready, the kids all got dressed up really cute, and instead of us all going to our normal wards for church, we decided to all go a support my mom and go to church with her. We took up two benches at church on the sides. It was nice to go to Church as a big family! It was Rachael, her kids, Sarah's kids, Mom, and my family. The only two people we were missing was Jeriah and Sarah! It was really nice.

Then we drove over to Grandma and Grandpa Simons' house. Grandma and Grandpa Simons are Paul's parents. They treat us just like their own grandchildren. I love them so much! I am so grateful for them! I even LOVE to bug and tease Grandpa by tugging at his ears, cause he HATES it! LOL. Grandma just LOVES the twins, and loves to hold them. She was telling other kids, that was trying to hold Logan and Lilly, that this was her time with the babies, cause she does not get to see them all that much.

We did not get to visit too long with Grandma and Grandpa because we needed to see Jeriah. I wanted to make sure that he knows that he is loved on Christmas Day. My mom and my sister, Rachael, babysat the twins at Grandma and Grandpa Simons' house, so Rocky and I could visit him. I am very grateful for that. Jeriah got it approved by his therapist let his biological grandmother, Kitt, could come see him also for Christmas Day. So we picked up Kitt on our way.
Jeriah was sooo happy to see us! I think he was more excited to give us the gifts that he bought us than to receive any of his own gifts. DJ was so funny. He got Rocky and me earplugs for the middle of the night, so we would not have to listen to Lilly and Logan cry at night. Maybe one night when I make Rocky have baby night duty, I will use them. He also got Lilly and Logan a little stuffed bear, telling them that Jesus loves them. Then he got Grandma Kitt a poster of a whole bunch of dogs. We gave DJ his gifts, and part of his gifts were some gift certificates, I had to lecture DJ telling him that he had to spend the money on himself, and not get us anything with it. He tried to plead his case, but I would not listen. I did not want him to spend it on me, he needed it!

While we were up there, we played Ping Pong, played games and talked.
Jeriah and I

I got all my kids "Footie PJ's" for Christmas, Kody and DJ LOVED them! Look how cute he is in them!

To top off the day, when we got home, Rocky made me a bubble bath with some rubber duckies in the tub. He pulled up a chair, and put my laptop next to the tub for me to watch a movie. He put in a surprise movie in for me. He was being so sweet, trying to relax me, which was the best present of all. About 45 minutes into the movie, me sitting in the tub, he comes in and asking if I was relax. I told him, "Everything but the intense movie you put in for me." LOL. The movie "Black Hawk Down" is not a relaxing movie. He laughed cause he did not put two and two together at first. But it was the thought that counts! He paused the movie, and we watched it in bed together and fell asleep.
So that was the Loveless Christmas of 2011! I hope everyone has a GREAT NEW YEAR in 2012!!!

Video: Lilly loves her new toy!

Video: some good cute laughter that will make anyone smile from Logan

Video: a toy from Kids Who Count (Early Intervention) that Lilly likes

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  1. What a fun christmas. And where in the world to you find grown up footie jamies? Those are AWESOME!