Friday, December 2, 2011

Step Father Adoption and more

The LOVELESS family

Jeriah, Lilly, Grandma Kitt, Amy, Emily (me), Rocky, Logan and Kody

Dec 1, 2011 Rocky adopted Kody and Jeriah (DJ)! We hired a lawyer awhile ago, and did not hear anything back for awhile. So I called him about 2 weeksago. Well on Wednesday he called to "remind" us that we have court the next day. He never told us that we even had a court date. But I hurried and called DJ's group home and his case worker, and arranged for him to come down at the last minute. It was so fun seeing DJ, he has not seen the babies since they were 1 month old, so he was excited to see them. Amy (the boys biological mom) and Grandma Kitt (boys biological grandmother) also met us at the courthouse to support us. You think it would be weird, but it is really nice that we all get along, and not weird at all. We all hung out, until we went in to see the Judge. The lawyer asked us questions in front of the judge and asked the boys questions, and asked them if they both wanted to be adopted by Rocky. Of course, they said yes. Afterwards, we were getting ready to leave, and the lawyer gave me a certified documents of the adoption. My lawyer, forgot to change their names, to the names that the boys picked. I am glad I noticed it, cause I was giving DJ's house manager, Jon, the paperwork, and pointed out the name change. Well, I had Kody run and get the lawyer, and show it to him. My lawyer, made it possible to see the Judge again, and ask if we could change the names. We had the boys there, and the judge saw that they wanted the name changed too. So she signed it for us. I just thought it was unprofessional of the lawyer, he blamed us for not changing it. But we gave him the paperwork and everything. It was his job to do it. Then he wanted us to pay for the new certified paperwork, for HIS mistake! But the court waived it for us. I was not impressed by the lawyer at all yesterday! He forgot about our case, then did not tell us the court date until the night before, then messed up the paperwork and blamed it on us... we will never use him again! But regardless, we made it work!

Now Kody went from "Kody Paul Knaphus" to "Kody Forrest Loveless." Kody says he likes the sound of Loveless, lol. Then DJ went from "David Jeriah Knaphus" to "Jeriah Kanyon Loveless."

DJ seeing the babies again!
The best part about the adoption..... first step so we all can be sealed in the temple as a family!

Lilly is doing very well lately. I started to do a continuous fed at night with her g-tube. She is starting to sleep a lot more at night. Which means.. I SLEEP MORE!!!! YAY!! We also put a heater in her room, which has made a HUGE difference. I LOVE IT!!! Logan sleeps about 6-8 hours before he wants to eat on most nights. So I am becoming a little happier, with more sleep!

In the next few days, we are getting home nursing. They are coming for an hour in the morning and hour at night. A CNA will help get Lilly ready for the day, do some therapy play with her, work on oral stuff, clean her bottles, laundry, room, feed her, etc. It will help out a lot I think. I am also thankful that the ladies in my ward (church) has helped me a lot! They are a few women that come to my house, and just help me with the babies for about an hour, so I can take a shower, clean my house, hold a baby, and talk with me. It has been a great service to me. I am so thankful for them!

Before bedtime, Lilly and Logan playing. Crying a little cause they were both REALLY tired, but still being cute with each other.

Lilly playing WITHOUT the hugga bebe. Wanted to see what see could do. She does so much better with the hugga bebe, gives her more support in her core, but she had fun.

Lilly and Logan watching Signing time in their bumbo's and Lilly also in her hugga bebe.

Logan playing. He is a strong little boy. He is meeting all his milestones fast! I think it is helpful though cause Lilly watches Logan. She just things at a slower pace, but is starting to do more. I think cause she watches Logan doing them. I am proud of both of them!

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