Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rocky and Rachael's Birthday

Dec 1oth was my sister, Rachael's Birthday. Dec 11th was my hubby's birthday. So we had a birthday weekend!

Saturday, Dec 10th, Rocky and I went up to Draper to visit DJ. I am so impressed on how well DJ is doing! He is acting very protective of me, and respectful towards me. He keeps hugging me, telling me how much he loves me. He also really wants to make up the wrong he did, and wants to apologize to certain people. He sees how the group home is helping him, and wants to be "cured." You hear the horror stories about the state putting kids in group homes. Well, in our case, I think it is doing miracles! His therapist keeps in close contact with me, and keeps me involved in his therapy. The home he is in, is supposed to be one of the best in Utah! So I am very happy. There are 4 levels of therapy, before he gets to come home for good. Each level takes about 4 months, if the kid wants to work. It is up the the kid how fast it goes (to a degree). But there are "therapy assignments" DJ has to do and pass. DJ is currently on a Level one. But about to make his level 2! He should be level 2 at the beginning of January. What that means? Well, it means that he will get to come home for 12 hours at a time on the weekends. Right now, Rocky and I have to go "on campus" and stay there to visit. We can visit for about 4 hours each time. But level 2, we can take him places, and home. Can't wait. We like the group home, but it is not comfortable being there. LOL

DJ got new reading glasses. DJ showing them off to us!

We played basketball for about an hour. I took a break to video and take pictures.

We then played "Rummy" card game for a couple of hours. DJ won!

After we went to go pick up our twins. My friend, Randi Welborn, her fiancee, Kevin Annen, my friend (her mom) Bernice Thompson, tagged teamed and babysat Lilly and Logan for me! A lot of people are nervous taking care of Lilly cause of her g tube. But it is no big deal! But I understand. Luckily, I can sometimes find someone that will. Randi, Kevin and Bernice are so awesome anyways. I do like that they all sign with Lilly too! Cause there is a big chance she will be speech delayed, especially cause she is not cooing or anything. So Lilly will be able to see fluent ASL, and pick it up faster! Randi, Kevin and Bernice are just awesome, loving, caring people that will drop whatever they are doing to help you. I am glad I have friends like that!

Afterwards, we went out to Costa Vida restaurant and bowling with Cheryl Whipple, her fiancee, Matt, and the Virginia Burnett's family for Rocky's Birthday. We had lots of fun. I am proud to admit that I LOST! Ana Burnett who is 2 years old, even got a lot better score than me. Yep, I suck! But it was about fun and friendship!

Logan giving daddy birthday hugs in the morning of daddy's birthday. Dec 11, 2011.

Watching a movie together for Rocky's birthday. My two boys: Kody and Logan. Logan holding his bottle all by himself. Does not do it often yet, or for long period of time, but he is learning!

Rocky has been thawing out a turkey for the past few days. He wanted a turkey dinner for his birthday. So he called Rachael, since it was her birthday the night before, and asked if we could bring a turkey over. My mom then came over later for cake.

My sissy, Rachy Bachy! I love her!!!!

Rocky's cake that I made. Rocky is 28 years old!

Singing Happy Birthday

Rachael's cake. Rachael turned 27 years old!

Daddy and Logan

Daddy and Lilly

Daddy and Kody

Cousins: Caleb, Kody and Chase

Mommy and Lilly Bean

The boys!

Lilly doing this new sleeping position.

Logan learning to sit by himself! He is getting sooo big!

I think I finally know what I want for Christmas that Santa will bring during tax season! I should have figured it out earlier! LOL. Dear Santa: I want a Wii and a Wii Fit. And..... I want an Ipad. I keep hearing that both of this things help kids with CP. But of course Lilly is too small for either one right now. So no rush. But the more I hear about it, the more it is in my head that I want this things. So for tax season I hope Santa lets me get a Wii and an Ipad. LOL. Right now, I am focusing on getting "Signing Time" videos, and a VHS player. I put on freecycle.org that I want Signing time videos, people have given me some. But on VHS taped from TV. So now I need a VHS player to play them. But I think my friend, Rachel Charles, is going to give me one! YAY! I do get "Signing Time" from "Kids Who Count" (Early Intervention), but would like more than one episode at a time.

I hope everyone is getting ready for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I'm so glad the home is helping D.J. It'll be great to have him spending more time at home with you guys. I can't believe how big Lilly and Logan are already! I swear they were just barely born. :)