Friday, May 6, 2011

Trip to KY and new ultrasound pictures

On April 28, 2011, I flew to Kentucky to visit my love, Rocky. After Rocky picked me up, on our way to Morehead, I put Rocky’s hand on my stomach. I wanted Rocky to feel the babies kick. It was so cute, cause one of the babies kicked shortly after, Rocky’s eyes got really big and yelled “THAT’S AWESOME!”

On Saturday, April 30, 2011, Rocky and I went down to Somerset and had a BBQ/ Potluck Baby Shower. It was a lot of fun! Rocky BBQ chicken, hot dogs, and hamburgers for us. Family and friends brought chips and pop. I really enjoyed hanging out with my in-laws! I am lucky to have in-laws that I really like.

The next day, we went to church up in Morehead. I was able to meet a bunch of people that I hope I will become good friends with when I move to Morehead after the babies are born. Rocky is staying up in Morehead with his friend, Robert. Robert is a really neat guy, he just recently became a member of the bishopric. He has been very generous to us, because he is letting Rocky stay at his house for free. Those are the kind of people that I met up in Morehead. I think I will like it, very humble generous loving people!

Monday and Tuesday, I went to some of Rocky’s classes with him. It was interesting, I learned a few things. They were mainly doing reviews, because finals is next week. Oh, before I forget, I had finals 1.5 weeks ago, my final grades are 5- A’s and 1- B+. I am starting summer school on Tuesday, and then after this block, I will be taking a break from school until the babies are bigger.

I am such a lucky girl, I really have a man that really loves me! Rocky is so sweet to me. I have been married before, and was not treated so well, as I am treated now. I am sooo lucky to be married to Rocky. I love him with all of my heart. He really is the man that I want to spend eternity with! In the middle of the night, the last night before I left (I flew out Tuesday evening), my back was just killing me. I tried not to wake up Rocky, but I kept getting out of bed and walking around, stretching, etc. I accidently woke him up, and Rocky just held me standing up at first, because I refused to lay down. It hurt to lay down. Then he found my tens unit, and put it on my back. He got me a drink of water, and got me some Tylenol. I still refused to lay down, so he just stood there standing up, holding me, as I cried. He did eventually talk me into laying down, he had class in the morning, but he held me for the have hurt for much longer. There are times, he even makes me bubble baths in the middle of the night because of my pain. I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful man that will take care of me.

I recently have quit my job too. Rocky is letting my dream come true and become a Stay at Home mother. I thought I would never get this chance. He is also a wonderful to our boys, Kody and DJ. And he is the one that got me pregnant! I am sooo excited for our two babies that will be entering into this world!

Rocky, Deagan (nephew) and Brad (Rocky's Brother)

My Father in Law, Jamie and I

Rocky and his 4 year old sister, Tammy

Granny and Papaw could not make it to the shower, so we visited them afterwards. I married Rocky so I could be Granny's granddaughter. LOL. I LOVE Granny! One of the best ladies EVER!

Rocky and Papaw

My 4 year old sister in law, Tammy and I

Rocky, Ridely (niece), Debbie (Rocky's mom), Jamie (Rocky's dad) and Tammy (Rocky's sister on dad's side)

Rocky and his dad

My mother in law, Debbie and Ridley. Ridley is Rocky's twin brothers daughter.

Rocky's older brother, Brad and his wife Amber

My sister in law, Amber and I

Rocky's parents: Debbie and Jamie

My sweetheart and I

Right before Rocky took me to the airport, we went bowling.

A colt that lives across the street from me. He is sooo cute. His name is Noodle.

Yesterday, I got my 28 week doctor appointment. I am at 28 weeks now. I am measuring at 33 weeks. I have only gained 20 lbs, so I think I am doing well. Today, May 6, 2011, I got another ultrasound. Most twins are small for their age. Well, Lilly and Logan did not get that memo. They are actually measuring big for their age. Today, Lilly is 3 lbs 1 oz, and Logan is 3 lbs. Average weight for 28 weeks is 2.22 lbs- 2 lbs 8 oz. But at least I know that they are healthy, right? LOL. Anyways, Lilly is still “Baby A” and Logan is still “Baby B.” Lilly is further down than Logan.They are both head down first position, which is good! Lilly is actually pretty far down, so they doubt she will flip to the Breech position. Logan might still flip back and forth, but it is most important that “Bab y A” is head down. That means less of a chance of a C-section. I want to try to go all natural, but we will see what happens.

Rocky’s mom and dad are going to try to fly down here for the birth of the babies. I am really excited about that. They will most likely also bring Rocky’s 4 year old sister, Tammy. And bring Rocky’s twin brothers daughter who is about 18 months old, Ridley.

This time, we got some really good pictures of Lilly. We have 3D pictures of her. Logan’s foot was in her face, but they were able to go around it to get a good picture. Lilly’s foot was in Logan’s face and was unable to get a 3D picture. Cause his foot was also in his face, and his hands. So sadly, no 3D pictures of Logan, only normal ultrasound pictures. But both are adorable! I love my babies!

Logan at 28 weeks... 3 lbs

Logan at 28 weeks... 3 lbs

Lilly at 28 weeks.... 3 lbs 1 oz..... 3D picture

Lilly at 28 weeks.... 3 lbs 1 oz..... 3D picture

Lilly and Logan's Ultrasound video


  1. So fun! I'm glad you'll have a good ward out there to help out. I love that they named that colt Noodle. It makes me smile! It's getting so close now!

  2. You look SO cute! I'm so excited for you Em. Sorry I didn't get to your shower but I do have a gift for you. So I'll get it in the mail this week.