Monday, May 23, 2011

Diamond Fork Jr High 5K Run- May 23, 2011

Today Kody and DJ and their good friend Sean ran in a 5k for their school. They did pretty good! I am really proud of them.
Kody's time for the 5K: 24:22
DJ's time for the 5K: 25:06
Sean's time for the 5K: 26:49

DJ getting ready for the race!

Ya, they think they are cool.

Ready Boys?

Group of Junior High kids ready to run

Kody about to pass the finish line

DJ about to pass the finish line

Kody has the look of accomplishment on his face. Rocky is a proud father!

DJ looks wore out, he gave it his all. Rocky is proud!

Sean about to cross the finish line

Sean after the the race. It looks like he can run another mile or two!

Kody trying to catch his breath at the end

Kody, DJ and Sean: Good Job Boys!

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