Friday, November 12, 2010

Adopt A Native Elder

Today Rocky, Kody and DJ went to Park City, Utah with Title VII Indian Education:

Here is what DJ has to say about it:

We went to Park City to Deer Valley Resort and the first thing we did was went and learned about how they make their own flour and then we learned about what they lived in and how many people can live in there. Then they made playdoo animals and some kids got to play with them. They showed us how to make baskets and what kinds designs they were. Then we went downstairs to a rug show, and they told us about weaving and flute playing. Then after that we got to learn how to play flutes and weave. Then we got to look around at the different types of ordainments. Then we went downstairs and ate lunch. Then we went outside and played in the snow and left.

I was glad I got to go cause it was cool to learn about Indian stuff. I am glad Rocky got to go cause he is pretty cool.

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