Monday, November 1, 2010

A Broken Arm, A Family Picture and School

This blog is for my baby niece Ayslee. She is 2 1/2 years old, and this last weekend she broke her little arm. She was at the neighbors house, and feel off the couch, and landed on it wrong. It is awful timing too, because family pictures are on Wednesday. I will make sure to post some of the family pictures. I am excited. It was originally for my family, but I thought we should include the extended family as well.

Today Rocky was accepted to go back to his college where he loves to be. Rocky is moving back to KY to go to Morehead State University. He is super excited. I, however, am going to miss him. But I am proud that he is putting his education as a top priority, so he will be able to support our family later. I have already signed up for classes for the Spring 2011 at Utah Valley University. I signed up for 18 credit hours, but need I am debating what classes to drop. I am doing 15 credit hours right now, and I am exhausted! Being a mother, wife, student and employee can get exhausting at times. But it is so worth it!

Kody and DJ just finished up there first term for the school year. Kody and DJ got all A's and B's, not even one B-. I am soooo proud of them! This weekend for Halloween their biological grandmother took them to Lagoon to celebrate their great grades. I knew they could do it. They have been working hard this year in school, and it is paying off. I keep stressing to Kody that this year really matters since he is in 9th grade. I can't believe that my child is in High School! This is good for DJ too, to get him in the habit for next year, when he becomes a High School Student.

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