Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Operation Deaf Orphans

My husband and I just met this wonderful amazing intelligent young couple today. This couple is saving up money, and in Jan 2011, they are going to fly to Eastern Europe to help deaf orphans. This couple is deaf themselves, and feel like it is their calling to help deaf orphans. There names are Alex and Alexa Abenchuchan They are trying to save $15,000 to live for one year in Eastern Europe. Donating to this non profit organization is tax deductible.

You might ask why this is so important to me. Some of you may or may not know, but Rocky and I are thinking about doing an international adoption and adopting a deaf child. It cost so much money to adopt a child through an agency. But dealing with the orphanage yourself, will reduce the cost. I talked with them today, and they agreed to stay in contact with me, and help me find a child to adopt. So by donating to this couple, it will not only help the deaf orphans, it could help find our future child.

Deaf children in a lot of different countries are regarded as Mental Retarded. But in all reality, they are just as smart as your own children. Deaf just have a different way of communicating- Sign Language. Because these children are considered as Mental Retarded, many are not taught Sign Language, and never have a language. They can go throughout the whole life, never having a language. Because they have no language, they will never be educated. So what will their future look like? It does not look good!

By Alex and Alexa going to these different countries, could save some deaf children. Save them from an awful life. They are going to go and try to set up better program there and just love the children. Please HELP THEM. This will help the children, and might help our growing family.

Do not just take this from me, please do your own research and donate here:

Thanks you!

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