Saturday, November 6, 2010

International Adoption

Rocky and I are doing a lot of talking. We want to adopt some more children. Maybe just one, but possibly 2 or 3. We talked to a couple that is going to Eastern Europe to help out Deaf Orphans. Before we met them, Rocky and I were talking about adopting a deaf child internationally. So meeting this couple, was an answer from God. We were debating which country to adopt from. It was hard to narrow it down, but we are really looking into the Ukraine. Since that is one of the countries that this couple is going too. I heard a rumor that they may stop adoptions from Ukraine, but I am hoping it is only a rumor. If they do, there is still countries around Ukraine that we can adopt from.

Hopefully, they will have found our child or children by the summer. I might be going to Ukraine for 6 weeks in the summer. That way, it does not take away from my schooling. If I have to travel later, then I guess I will take a break from school for a semester. We want to adopt at least one deaf child. If the other children are siblings, then I think that would be great. If not, we can adopt other children in that orphanage, and possibly more than one deaf child. We will see. I hope God will just led me with this one.

So now we need to figure out of finances to make this work. I am trying to do lots of research. I do not want to use an agency, because first of all it is TOO EXPENSIVE! Secondly, Ukraine does not like to work with agencies. I am trying to find people that are willing to help me, so I can do an Independent adoption. If I do that, then the total amount to adopt one child is about $12,000, which will include travel, hotels for that 6 weeks, Dossier, INS, passports, etc. Then it will be $2000 more for each additional child. Plus, for each child I adopt, I will get a tax credit, which will help pay for the adoption after it happens. So the question, is how to come up with the money BEFORE the adoption. If anyone has any thoughts, please let me know. But for now, I am thinking about applying for a HUGE loan. And pay it off when taxes come around for that following year. I just hope we are approved for this loan. I will also apply for Grants, hopefully we can get some really good Grants. We will see.

In the mean time. Here are some pictures of my family! I love my family! They are my world!


  1. You have a good looking family! Its so fun to see how your boys have grown! Wow! Good luck with the adoption. Sounds like you have quite an adventure awaiting for you this next year. You'll be in our prayers. Love you!

  2. Let's do a BAKE SALE! Lol, ok, so that'll probably only get you gas money to the airport but still, I want to help you achieve your dreams :-D Lmk