Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I feel like shouting and telling the world that I AM PREGNANT! I have been trying for sooo long. In Dec 2001, I had a miscarriage. Since then NOTHING! I started to think it was impossible for me to get pregnant again. But God has His own timing, and hopefully the timing will be now. I am so grateful to My Heavenly Father for letting this happen to me and my wonderful husband! I am eternally grateful to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! We are sooooo excited.

I missed my period, so on Sunday morning Nov 21, 2010, I decided to take an old pregnancy test. I could not believe my eyes when it immediately turned to positive. I called Rocky, cause he was on his way home from Kentucky, coming home from a funeral. When I called I was crying. Not a sad cry, a joyous cry. Rocky thought I was joking at first. Cause we just started the process for a Home Study to adopt a child. I had to keep telling him that it is for real. He then called all his family, and I called all of my family. We just could not hold it in, cause we thought it would never happen for us.

Rocky then made me go to the store (yes on Sunday, I know it was bad) to buy another pregnancy test, just to make sure. Of course that was positive too. Today he made me buy two more, he just can't believe it. I know I am, he just wants to make sure, I guess. Funny boy!

Yesterday, my little sister, Rachael, throw Rocky and I a "finally got pregnant party." I thought that was really sweet of her! She is a great sister, she made us a cake and everything.

Rocky also got home yesterday. He got stuck in a snow storm in WY, so he could not get home as fast as he wanted. But one of the first things he did, before he saw me was buy me flowers! He is so happy, and going to be a great daddy!

The boys are excited too. Kody even started praying for the baby in our prayers. DJ loves to hold and play with babies. They have informed me that they do not do diapers. And they THINK I will not pay as much attention to them, and only focus on the baby, so they can get away with more stuff. I think not! I will always know what my boys are up too! I am such a lucky mom, having two great boys already!

Oh by the way, I am due July 27, 2011! Yes, I am only 5 weeks, but we could not hold it in! It really happened! Rocky announced it on Facebook right away, so the secret was out. So yes, we are telling everyone really early, but Rocky gave me a blessing yesterday, and I feel good about it. But still please pray for my baby!

First Pregnancy Test

Second Pregnancy Test

Cake Rachael made us

Flowers Rocky got me

I just can't stop thanking my Father in Heaven!


  1. Yay! I'm SO excited for you. What a sweet surprise and blessing. Best of luck to you and your family.

  2. Thanks Valarie!
    So Rocky made me take a total of 4 pregnancy test on different days. He wants to make sure that the test are not false. LOL. I have know taken all 4, and they all are positive. He is a silly man. But he is soooo excited. He thinks, if we have a boy, that the boys middle name will be "Danger". I might give it to him, if I get to pick the first name.

  3. Congrats my friend. I can't wait to hear more about this new part of your life, you are gonna be a mommy!!!!!
    I am happy that I will get to meet your baby since we will be in Utah then!!!!