Thursday, November 17, 2011

One Step At A Time

Ever since Lilly has been put onto her new medication

, she has been doing TONS better! It does make her tired, but she NEVER slept before. Now she sleeps the same amount that most babies do. YAY for me.... Well, during the day at least. I am still working on her sleeping AT NIGHT!!! But they are small babies. On Monday, Lilly and Logan went and saw Dr. Knochel for their 4 month well child check. They both got their shots. Lilly was okay with the shot, cried for a second. Logan on the other hand cried bloody murder! He is not a fan of shots! Developmentally wise, Logan is ahead of his age! Lilly is a little behind, but I think she is doing GREAT given the cards that was dealt to her. I am so proud of both of my babies!!!!!

Logans weighed 12 lbs 8 oz which is in the 8%. Height was 24.0 which is in the 17%

Lilly weighed 10 lbs 7 oz and is in the 2%. Height was 23.0 which was in the 10%

Lilly did very well for her therapy sessions. Mary from "Kids Who Count" (Early Intervention) is teaching us what to work on with Lilly during the week. It was the best therapy session we had so far. Cause usually Lilly screams during therapy. But with the new medicine, it really has helped.

Nov 16, 2011

This is Nov 17, 2011. Logan and Lilly are getting ready to eat some baby rice cereal.


Lilly was DONE eating. We are happy she is letting us feed her by spoon! But not for long periods of time! But the other day was the first time we brushed her teeth, and she did not scream. And everyday we do "Pacifier Time" and see does not scream through the whole thing every time. There are times she does, but today, she didn't! I was so happy and shocked! Knock on wood, but I hope she continues to let us do it if we are faithful on putting it in her mouth. This is also showing Lilly arching her back when she is MAD!

Logan brushing his teeth on Nov 15, 2011

Lilly and Logan needed a rest after some playtime and therapy. Lilly has a new therapist coming too now. Yesterday, Nov 16, 2o11, Lilly was officially diagnosed with CVI (Cortical Visual Impairment) by Dr. Young. So Kids Who Count has Pam from PIP coming to try to teach Lilly to see what is in front of her. Lilly will look to the right to mid line, but nothing to the left. Sometime she paid attention to what was in front of her, and sometime not. The good thing is, she can see and the CVI is not serve by any means! She did look at thing and touch what was in front of her too! Which is AMAZING!!!

Pam for Kids Who Count, gave Lilly a pink rattle and Logan a blue rattle. I have never seen Lilly grab onto something for so long! So LOVED her rattle. And I was watching carefully after Pam left, Lilly is thinking about putting it into her mouth. She is nervous and it scares her, but she slightly opened her mouth a few times for it! BREAKTHROUGH!!!! Logan on the other hand tried his hardest to eat his rattle. LOL.

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