Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rocky's Family Meeting the Twins

For Fall Break, on Oct 19 2011, Rocky, Kody, the twins, and I hoped on the plane and went to KY to have them meet Rocky's side of the family. I really wish we had more time, because we were on the move the WHOLE time. Everyone wanted to meet the babies, and we had limited time. But we saw a lot of people, and I am so glad they meet them. Family is the most important thing in this world. I am so grateful for Rocky's family. I love my in-laws!

Rocky's mom: Debra Wilson

Great Uncle Joey Pitman

3rd Cousin: Catrena Trujilo

Great Grandma Shirl

Lilly and Mamaw

Great Grandma: Granny
Kody and Logan chillin'

Aunt Amber and Cousin Lexi

Great Uncle Jerry

Papaw and Grandma Loveless

Uncle Brad and Cousin Lexi and Deagan

Great Grandpa: Bummy
Rocky's step dad, Gary Sexton and his wife Diane

Great Grandpa: Papaw

Bummy, Papaw, Aunt Tammy, Rocky, Logan and Great Uncle Joey

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